Photography by James Hoffman

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The time from such humble origins to now has certainly been a wonderful ride. Photography by James Hoffman has been featured in various publications for years now but the origins go back to a remote place in the desert southwest with nothing more than a disposable camera and a renewed sense of adventure. There are so many vibrant and colorful vistas in the world and the desert is certainly full of them. My mind and heart could see them but coming home with that drama captured by camera was a rude awakening in 2002. The washed out images I brought home from the drugstore developers was the conception of what has become a tireless quest to understand what a camera can do and led to my never ending study of not just angles and light but to 'See the World in a Different Light.'
Disposables led to point and shoots and as the years went by, the arsenal of camera bodies, lenses and editing software became more complex while skills were honed in countless hours of study and field work.
Today, images throughout Appalachia, the coastal wetlands of the Deep South and the Desert Southwest have been featured regularly in publications such as 'Our State' and 'Carolina Living' and websites including 'Arizona Highways'
You are invited to follow the journey toward that "Different Light" and also at